Finding Car Insurance Effectively!

Online comparison quote systems can bring unwanted spam. Going through each individual provider site has proven to be a daunting task. As a former Property and Casualty Agent, I believe these steps below are probably the best way to go about finding auto insurance.

In these first two steps we encourage you to set up a proxy between the market and your personal contact information (phone and email) – hence the domain

Step 1: Specialized Email Address

Start by setting up specific email addresses for the type of business you will always have to conduct.  
For example visit: or

Step 2: Special Phone Forwarding Number (free)

Get a google voice number.  This number will forward calls to your phone.   You can switch this on and off at your leisure.  Switch it back on when you’re shopping rates.

Step 3: The Declarations Page – Get your current policy information.

Call your agent or login to your insurance company’s website and get a copy of your current insurance declarations page.  This contains 90% of the data an agent will need to research an accurate quote.  What this does not contain is traffic citations and accident history, you’ll need to outline this information for the agent you want a quote with. You may feel free to take a marker and mark out any information you don’t want to show – perhaps the monthly premiums.

Step 4: Create Email Draft (this you will use again and again)

Create an email draft which contains your declarations page attached and driving history for each person going on the policy.  Include other details that may help such as full time student, GPA, education, career and anything else you feel can have an effect on your rates.

Step 5: Gather Emails and Request Quotes Safely & Effectively

Collect 8-10 local Agent emails. Send your draft email to each, individually of course. You can leave a number with your google voice number.  If you’re at work and you’d rather not take calls while on the clock just let them know you’ll be unavailable to talk for whatever reason during that time.  Most agents are willing to correspond by email – at least the good ones are!

Companies to send your request to:

StateFarm, Allstate, Geico, Farmers, (links will take you to local agents directory)


Select one local Independent Agent who represents companies like Progressive, Liberty Mutual, Safeco, Mapfre, Safeauto and others.  (you can find one at

So there it is! This I believe is the most effective way to shop for auto insurance.  I hope this helps!

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